Well, what do you know? Everything has been completed-- the last group presented, the final retest scores have come out, and it feels like a giant weight has been pulled off of our weary shoulders.

Yet-- for the Grade 7's who are about to leave Blair and elementary behind to venture into an unknown and dangerous place-- everything feels unfinished, incomplete, leaving us with a sense of dissatisfaction, the feeling of a yet- to- be completed masterpiece.

We have played out this chapter of our lives quickly enough-- from the first shy, reluctant steps into the now- familiar kindergarten classroom, to striding confidently out of the intermediate classroom door. With all this going on, our minds have been stretched in so many ways, yet let loose and expanded simultaneously.

Yet we must not succumb to writer's block-- it is time for us to move on and explore this new realm, to start with fresh ink and a new sense of determination to start this new chapter of our lives.

All the best,

Grads of 2014

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