Hello, and Welcome to Division 2's alternative homework board!

For those parents and students who requested an alternative homework website because the one hosted by TeacherWeb was not loading correctly, the page was displayed with errors, the format was incorrect, etc., this is the end of your troubles.

This temporary page was created by IronEnderDonut in response to these requests. This is a temporary solution, and as you can see, this is a blog hosted on Blogger by Google. We may migrate to Google Sites or another free website domain host.

The daily homework can be found below this post. IronEnderDonut updates this blog, but sadly he will be no longer attending Archibald Blair Elementary as of June, 28th, 2014, as he will be moving on to high school. Future plans have yet to be decided. Perhaps the original webpage will load correctly again, and this source will be closed down.

The original homework website hosted by TeacherWeb can be found here.
If the hyperlink is not working, copy and paste the following URL into your browser navigation taskbar:

The link to this specific post is http://teacherweb.com/BC/BlairSchool/Kwok/apt2.aspx.

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Thank you,
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